Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Track listing ready to roll

Great news. EMI have today confirmed that the proposed track listing has been approved. This is yet another step closer to the CD release becoming a reality!

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Picking photographs for the CD packaging

Well today I met with my contact at EMI Records (UK) and we went through their batch of original promotional photographs, negatives and slides. Although I had done this five years ago I was pleased this time around to find a lot of shots that I simply can not recall having seen before. My aim was to focus on finding images of Proby that were taken during his beard and moustache phase (like the one shown in my blog of the 26 March 2008). This look is said to be Proby's favourite from this era.

The good news is my visit was productive as we did find a nice batch of very tasteful b&w and colour shots. I sincerely think these will really please fans but most importantly do the great man justice. The next step will be for EMI's art department to scan hi-res images that can be reviewed before packaging is finalised.

Whilst there I also got to show EMI my draft booklet notes. They asked me to edit these as we only have a 12-page booklet to play around with. So, I am now working hard to reduce my text!