Tuesday, 20 May 2008

New website to help promote the CD!

To help promote the new CD I have created a dedicated website that provides information such as track listing & soundclips. Please help me now spread the word and encourage advance sales for the CD by linking to this page on your own websites, forums and absolutely anyone else online who you can think of contacting! ;)


Advance Order the new CD now!

Please support my work in getting this CD released by advance ordering it here from amazon.co.uk or amazon.com. The release date is 16 June 2008 and the CD should retail around £6.99/$15USD.

Monday, 19 May 2008

A 5 year project comes to a close!

Well the last few days has been quite manic as I have been frantically finishing off the packaging side of the CD with EMI. Lots of proofing and tweaking to hopefully make everything look as good as we can within the constraints of a budget CD release.

Just so you know the booklet is 12-pages and contains extensive sleeve notes (inclusive of a mini biography and song by song anecdotes). There are also a few rare shots from the EMI photo archives and a wonderful message to you all from Proby.

Anyhow as of today the project is complete as far as I am concerned. Next step is for it to be manufactured by EMI!

Thursday, 15 May 2008

The CD's artwork revealed!

Here it is hot off the press the CD cover artwork for The Best of the EMI Years: 1961-1972. More details to be announced in the next 7 days.

Oh dear, the stereo version is faulty...

As mentioned previously I now have the entire CD and it sounds wonderful! Proby fans do have a lot to be excited about!!

One slight disappointment is the stereo masters for "Give Me Time" - one of my all-time favourite Proby songs are faulty. So, it has been replaced with a mono version. It is not the end of the world but truthfully you do get a better feel for the orchestra that accompanies Proby in the stereo cut. Two previously unreleased songs of a very Dylan-esque Proby have also been specially mastered by Abbey Road for their world-wide debut.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Finished CD just arrived...

Wow. I now have the remastered CD of songs. Just playing through it now. Amazing to hear songs like "Just Like Him" and "And the Sun Will Shine" cleaned up and sounding sensational!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Abbey Road hunt for the CD's songs

The latest news is Abbey Road are currently hunting for the master tapes for all the songs that are to feature on the new CD. I am also waiting to see proofs of the booklet/packaging. I am now feeling a tad nervous as I do want everything to go well!

Check back in the next few weeks as I plan to provide song clips, full track listing, bio, artwork and links to buy the CD!

Just sent EMI my finished liner notes...

I just handed in my liner notes for the CD. What I have done is written a mini biography and anecdotes for each included song. I hope EMI and PJ likes it all. I must again pay tribute to the Probyans who have helped me along the way. They are some of the nicest people I have met whilst working on a project like this. Full of great ideas and constructive comments. "Thank you" - you all know who you are!

One final thing, this weekend I got a CD of photos from my visit on the 10 April to EMI's archives. I think from what I have now seen we have found the perfect cover and back sleeve. Above is the EMI owned shot I'd like to see used on the back of the CD. Hope you all like it!