Thursday, 15 May 2008

Oh dear, the stereo version is faulty...

As mentioned previously I now have the entire CD and it sounds wonderful! Proby fans do have a lot to be excited about!!

One slight disappointment is the stereo masters for "Give Me Time" - one of my all-time favourite Proby songs are faulty. So, it has been replaced with a mono version. It is not the end of the world but truthfully you do get a better feel for the orchestra that accompanies Proby in the stereo cut. Two previously unreleased songs of a very Dylan-esque Proby have also been specially mastered by Abbey Road for their world-wide debut.

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pres2go said...

This is so good to see... I have periodic bouts of Probytus and it flared up last night. YouTube viewings and repeated spins of my rapidly wearing 45 of "Just Like Him" sent me searching amazon to see if there was anything new available and hoping said song would be on it. Thanks for putting this blog (and cd) together and I am really looking forward to hearing the results of your endeavor.