Monday, 18 February 2008

I just finished revising my CD proposal...

Well after a week or so of playing and playing Proby's music I have now finished making some amendments to my original CD proposal. These are what I consider to be improvements that really strengthen the overall appeal and the diverse sound of the collection.

I just this minute emailed EMI the finished 25-track CD proposal which I tentatively call "The Best of the EMI Years (1961-72)". I now anxiously await to hear if they like the changes - fingers crossed!

Before I go can anyone help confirm who the producer and arranger is for the B-side singles "Quando Tornera" and "I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore"?


BearGrove Blog said...

I have written directly to Randy Newman for some minutes ago.Hope he will reply & remember what you asked for concerning "I Don´t To Hear It Anymore"

ronntenn said...

Arranger & conductor on "I don't want to hear it anymore" was Johnnie Spence.Don't know the producer,maybe Johnnie did that too.
"Quando" was produced I'm pretty sure by Ron Richards."Per Questo" was done at the same recording session so it's bound to be R.R. again.