Thursday, 7 February 2008

No need to take a stand just yet....

I know many of you have been wanting to contact EMI to express how much you want this CD. Can I just say this really isn't necessary and may have a negative impact on things.

If you do want to help what you can do is spread the word about this blog. The most important thing for now is to get people talking about the new CD and Mr. Proby's years at Liberty Records. What better place to make comments and show your support than right here! :)

More updates hopefully due Friday, so stay tuned and feel free to email me direct.


BearGrove Blog said...

If you´re a TRUE Probyan you´ll respect & understand Stephen' s view to 100 % !

joe1945 said...

i believe there is another song called misty roses,i believe it was supposed to be the follow up to maria,pj does remember it but he forgot about it when i mentioned it to him