Monday, 4 February 2008

Can anyone help solve the STEREO mystery?

It was in 1958, that the first vinyl albums were pressed in STEREO format. The American music market jumped on the STEREO bandwagon much quicker than its UK counterparts. Thus, there were some initial differences to what UK fans could get of Proby's music in STEREO.

This is now where I seek some clarification from the Probyans out there in cyber space as I am not 100% certain about what recordings (if any) still require a release on CD in STEREO format.

The STEREO album releases which I am concerned about are:

  1. The unique 1964 American album "Somewhere" (LP #LST-7406). This featured songs that were only released as MONO in the UK. Some of these recordings became hit singles (e.g. "Somewhere", "Hold Me" and "Together") and others were spread between Proby's debut UK LP "I Am P.J. Proby" and E.P "P.J. Proby". As I don't own this LP I'd like to confirm of ALL the tracks on it genuinely were in STEREO? Perhaps, someone can kindly play their copy and confirm this for me;

  2. Proby's stunning 1965 eponymous album (LP #LST-7421). Some of the recordings from this I know for sure have been released in STEREO by EMI (UK) on their 1992 2CD set "Rough Velvet". That now leaves "Mission Bell", "The Nearness of You", "Lonely Weekends", "She Cried", "Secret Love", "Lonely Teardrops" and "With These Hands".

    What I don't know however is whether any STEREO versions for these remaining tracks crept into EMI's recent 2on1 CD re-issue or any other compilation CD. Can anyone answer that???

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Hans Buijze said...

Someone told me that both USA albums were fake stereo album. The americans, in that time, make it gave it the feel and look of a genuine stereo album but it wasn't real stereo. I can't explain it as it was a rather technical story. But I was told that specialists studiotechnicians can hear it.