Friday, 8 February 2008

Your all-time TOP 5 songs? (1961-72)

What is your all-time favourite Top 5 recordings from Mr. Proby's years at Liberty Records? Post your views here. This can be made up of hit singles, B-sides, album songs whatever you consider to be his finest moments released between 1961 and 1972.

Here's mine...
  1. Maria
  2. Give Me Time
  3. Just Like Him
  4. My Prayer
  5. And The Sun Will Shine


BearGrove Blog said...

3)Glory Of Love
4)Walk Hand In Hand
5)Lonely Teardrops

Joep said...

Here U.P's Top 5

1.) Cuttin'in
2.) Together
3.) Answer me
4.) Just like him
5.) Hold what you've got

It could be all P.J's songs, it's changing by the day (and mood I'm in)

Manja said...

This is a difficult one, since my favourite PJP songs change with the mood I'm in!
I'll give it a try for now, but don't be surprised if I change it later:

1) I Apologise
2) The Glory Of Love
3) And The Sun Will Shine
4) Jim's Blues
5) My Prayer

Hans Buijze said...

1.) I will
2.)Answer me
3.)I apologise
5.) I don't want to hear it anymore

Just as the others said It changes with the mood