Monday, 28 January 2008

P. J Proby (1965 studio album)

P.J Proby (1965)
Liberty / Mono #LBY 1264

  1. My Prayer
  2. I Will
  3. Mission Bell
  4. The Nearness Of You
  5. Lonely Weekends
  6. If I Loved You
  7. When I Fall In Love
  8. She Cried
  9. Secret Love
  10. I Will Come To You
  11. Lonely Teardrops
  12. With These Hands

"Although the original vinyl LP was only released in the UK in mono format a stereo version does exist and was issued stateside (Stereo LP / #LST-7421). The stereo takes of "The Nearness Of You" and "Lonely Teardrops" are also significantly different vocally to their mono counterparts."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I chose this one as my favourite lp, but it's a hard choise!
All the songs on here are amazing.
What I'd like to hear on a compilation CD would be:
Glory Of Love,
Lonely Teardrops
She Cried
but any other choice will do!