Monday, 28 January 2008

Three Week Hero (1969 studio album)

Three Week Hero (1969)
Liberty / Stereo #LBS 83219E

  1. Three Week Hero
  2. The Day That Lorraine Came Down
  3. Little Friend
  4. Empty Bottles
  5. Reflections (Of Your Face)
  6. Won't Be Long
  7. Sugar Mama
  8. I Have a Dream
  9. It's Too Good to Last
  10. New Directions
  11. Today I Killed a Man
  12. Medley: It's So Hard To Be A Nigger/Jim's Blues/George Wallace Is Rollin' In This Mornin'

"Recorded in September 1968, this playful, edgy album was a real departure from Proby's trademark pop sound of the 1960s as it veered acutely towards blues, rock and country. The project is notable for being the first occasion that all four members of the English rock-band Led Zepellin recorded together in the studio [album credits: Jimmy Page (guitar), Robert Plant (harmonica), John Paul Jones (bass guitar / keyboards) and John Bonham (drums / conga)]."

Proby recalls: "...Come the last day we found we had some studio time, so I just asked the band to play while I just came up with the words. ... They weren't Led Zeppelin at the time, they were the New Yardbirds and they were going to be my band..."


Manja said...

Absolutely a great album as well! Here PJ shows yet another side of him!
My absolute favourite here is Jim's Blues and I think it should be added on the Birthday CD. Anybody out there that agrees?
The songs Three Week Hero or Empty Bottles might be appropriate as well.

BearGrove said...

No problem to buy "Three Week Hero"
today!I hope the planned CD will mostly consist of tracks from vinyls which has never been included as a CD.