Monday, 28 January 2008

My "thank you" to the fans

I mentioned on my debut blog about the fact some of P.J's fans (or probyans) had been a great help at familiarising me with the extent of P.J recording career.

Well it seems a good time now to pay tribute to these guys as their support and advice fuelled my fire to do something on Mr. Proby.

"A big thank you to Joep Kilkens, Jan Sonesson, Ron Tennant, Björn Lund, Hans Buijze and the late Auke Hendrik Middel..."

1 comment:

BearGrove said...

thank you Stephen !
It´s a honour to heve been involved in your plans 2003 and now 2008 !
Crossing my fingers harder this time ! :o)
Björn Lund