Monday, 28 January 2008

Believe it or Not (1968 studio album)

Believe it or Not (1968)
Liberty / Mono #LBY 83087 & Stereo #LBS 83087
  1. When Love Has Passed You by
  2. I'm Coming Home
  3. Give Me Time
  4. Turn Her Away
  5. Mary in the Morning
  6. It's Your Day Today
  7. I Shall Be Released
  8. Cry Baby
  9. Why Baby Why
  10. I've Got My Eyes on You
  11. I Apologise Baby
  12. Judy in the Junkyard

"This album was released in the US with a slightly different style cover sleeve. The stateside edition also traded "Judy in the Junkyard" and "I Shall Be Released" for two of my all-time favourite Proby recordings: "What's Wrong With My World" and his rendition of Bee Gees' classic "And The Sun Will Shine" which was an exclusive for the American market."

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BearGrove said...

It was on this album P.J.´s version of "Delilah" could have been found.
A pity that P.J. his version was not released.Things could look different today - if it was released.....
Jim told me in Stockholm that he did not like that song.For him it was like a German beer drinking song.
I don´t like it even - but the fact that Tom Jones had a world hit
of "Delilah" makes me to think :
"If just P.J. had it released..."
Hope EMI will include "Delilah" to the planned CD !