Monday, 28 January 2008

The Life and Career of the great P.J. Proby


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ozeeguy said...

I worked with PJ Proby in the musical CATCH MY SOUL at the Prince of Wales Theatre, London in 1970. The musical was first staged in the regions of the UK (I think Manchester) where they did a live recording of the songs and later released them as a cast recording on an LP (which I have). Before it opened at the Prince of Wales it did a short season at The Roundhouse in London where I joined the cast and where they fine-tuned the show. I was one of the dancers in the show which was choreographed by Flick Colby. PJ was great to work with and I enjoyed being in the show. I now live back in Perth, Western Australia where I was born and grew up before going to London and working in West End shows. - Alex Poor